Featured Competitor:
Kendra Lowes

Kendra LowesWBFF Worlds- September 17th/2010- Toronto - Placed 5th (out of 64 competitors) in Diva Fitness Model open

WBFF Calgary- July 2nd/2010 - Placed 1st in  Fitness Model Masters

WBFF Calgary- July 2nd/2010 - Placed 3rd in Fitness Model Open

IDFA Calgary- October 24th/2009 - Placed 2nd in Fitness Model short class

Fame Prairies- Calgary- October 17th - Placed 1st in Fitness Model Masters

Training for Fitness Competitors

Expert diet, training, routine planning and motivation from one of Canada's top Fitness Competition trainers.

Dont' be misled:
Training to become a Fitness Competitor takes dedication and commitmentt to a new lifestyle, but many fitness competitors are somewhat misled when it comes to training and nutrition. The key to any Fitness/Bodybuilding program is to have an individualized training program designed that will work for your specific needs.

We have worked with both male and female athletes
from the seasoned veteran to the first timers just
getting their feet wet, and their results speak for

There are many factors that go into developing your
training regime. You have to consider available time,
allowing adequate rest from total training, your current
fitness level, and your physique goals. Let us assess
your physique and get you on the right track.

Mike was the two time Mr. Alberta Western Canadian
Champion, and second place at the World Natural
Bodybuilding Championships.

Give Mike a call today for a free consultation and
you can discuss how to get youself ready for your
next competition.